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I’m often asked, does coaching really work? Many business executives, managers, and entrepreneurs looking to develop their careers turn to business coaching.

Coaching offers you the opportunity to deliberate on important personal and career development issues. A business coach is an impartial and objective professional. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments to achieve your goals.

Majority of the people who undertake business coaching see a return on investment. Among the benefits include improved communication skills, performance, and collaboration.

So, Does Coaching Really Work?

Coaching in business largely works in a similar way to sports. Even the top athletes have coaches to help them improve their performance. Similar benefits can be achieved in the business world with the right coaches.

That said, the success of business coaching ultimately depends on the client’s willingness to learn and challenge themselves. Coaching provides a solid structure to facilitate professional progression. A positive outcome depends on how the client takes the challenge.

Again, similarities can be drawn from the sporting world. No matter how good a coach is, they still require the athlete to be receptive to information, advice and be willing to apply it to be successful.

A coach develops a strategy to help you achieve a set of personal/professional goals. These are designed to take you and your business to where you envision it. Their responsibility is to work with you, ensuring that you stay on track and avoid obstacles.

Below, we discuss the things to keep in mind when it comes to successful coaching. W also answer the question, does coaching really work?

Beware of bad coaches

One thing to understand is there are a lot of half-baked individuals claiming to be business coaches. Additionally, others are empathetic and willing to help you as an entrepreneur but lack the necessary qualifications.

The coaching industry faces a similar challenge to the web and graphic design /development industry. Pretty much anyone can call themselves a web designer. Same as anyone can claim to be a business coach without necessarily having the experience, training, and/or accreditation.

As a result, many unqualified individuals offer coaching services which result in less than successful outcomes. Clients who’ve worked under such coaches may not believe that coaching works.

A coach is not a magician

For all the benefits of coaching, it is important to understand that a coach will not make your problems magically disappear. If you are looking for someone to help you avoid the hard work, then you have the wrong idea of coaching.

While a coach crafts a strategy to help you improve, they don’t do the work for you. It is your responsibility to know where you are and where you want to be.  All a coach does is offer you a professional roadmap to help you achieve those objectives.

A coach guides and asks you the uncomfortable and challenging questions. These questions help you gain a renewed perspective of where you are as an individual/ business. Their responsibility is to motivate you along the way and hold you to account.

However, your coach will not make the road easy. Neither will they clear all the obstacles for you. The road may become harder for you, as the coach will not let you slack or entertain your excuses. You have to do all the hard work.

A coach is not a savior

Many people think having a coach instantly guarantees success. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The coach focuses on offering you personalized, professional support. They work with you to provide a perspective of where you are but challenge and inspire YOU to devise your own solutions.

Coaching increases productivity. But most of that success depends on how you focus on the specific goals, your accountability, and your priorities.

The coach helps you make the necessary adjustments to achieve your objectives. But the buck ultimately stops with you. How well the coaching engagement works depends on your effort, more than the coach’s abilities.

You have to find the right coach

If you are an entrepreneur looking to transform your fortunes, you have plenty to gain from business coaching. Among the benefits include self-awareness, improved confidence in your abilities, accountability, and awareness of your self-leadership.

However, the challenge lies in finding the right coach. There are plenty of qualified coaches willing and able to help you achieve your goals. But you have to work hard to locate them.

Many will trick and dupe you into spending hundreds of dollars, but offer little to no value.  Finding the right coach is, therefore, an important factor in determining whether coaching really works.

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