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Realistically, what should I expect from a business coach? We all want to create a business that has an abundance of time, money, and manpower. Businesses are increasingly having to achieve more with fewer resources. As an entrepreneur or business manager, you have to get the best of your team (and yourself) by working on ways to improve performance. Is a business coach the answer?

Running a business is a high stakes game that requires efficiency. While many resources can help you optimize your resources and grow your business, few compare to business coaching. It is arguably the most effective way of helping you overcome challenges and craft strategies for the future.

Any top athlete cannot succeed without coaching, no matter their talent. The same goes for managers and entrepreneurs. They need business coaching to stay ahead of the game. A business coach provides you with an unbiased perspective of your business. They also support and challenge you, so you can succeed.

Business coaching is the ultimate bridge connecting your aims and those of your company/business. So, what should I expect from a business coach?

Save Time and Money

A business coach assists you in assessing how you spend your time. They also provide you with the tools to become more efficient. They help you prioritize what your business needs and provides you with ideas on how to obtain those resources.

Saving time improves efficiency which in turn saves you money. A good business coach will also help you work out who is efficient in your team and who isn’t. This allows you to reduce the costly loss of poor talent in your workforce.

Tangible Business Results

A business coach helps you come up with actionable strategies while offering you concrete solutions and plans. These are tailored to suit your business’ specific environment. Once you clarify where you want your business to be, the coach helps you work on the strategies required. This will take your business closer to the set goals. The coach will also follow up regularly to keep track of the progress.

Because a business coach has years of experience, they will help you create a road map to achieve your business objectives. They have a bigger perspective of your business and the industry. This puts them in a good position to point out what should be your company’s long-term objectives.

A business coaching session discusses the expected outcomes of the strategies deliberated. These are tangible results that you can expect to see depending on how committed you are to the process.

A Confidant

A fruitful engagement with a business coach depends on communication. Remember, the coach will be loyal to you. However, their main mission is to help you identify the weaknesses in your business and show you how to solve them. This makes the coach your confidant. Someone you can openly talk to when you need assistance. The kind of personal relationship you create with the coach ultimately determines how successful your engagement is.

A Professional Network

One big advantage of having a qualified business coach is it expands your contact range. You meet like-minded entrepreneurs and create a professional circle of contacts both within and outside your business. Your coach introduces you to many professional contacts and this extended network can and will help you grow as a person and entrepreneur.

Honest Feedback

One crucial component of business coaching is providing feedback. Your coach has a responsibility to provide honest and constructive (and sometimes brutal) feedback that keeps you focused on the agreed plan of action. People who report back to you may be reluctant to offer brutally honest feedback, but a business coach will not hesitate to do so.

Feedback doesn’t always have to be positive. However, it has to be supportive without relieving you of your responsibilities. A good coach makes you understand that constructive criticism or “negative” feedback is not an indication of your worth as an individual, but a path towards self-improvement.


One challenge many small business owners and entrepreneurs face is running their business on their own. This can make you question your actions and decisions, putting a dent in your confidence. Additionally, many entrepreneurs tend to focus on the things that are not working instead of analyzing what is working for their business. A business coach will help you focus on your success and build confidence in your decision making. This makes it easier for you to achieve your objectives. 

Ultimately, the decision to hire a business coach depends on the cost involved. Qualified and experienced coaches might cost you a fortune, but you should consider it an investment in your business. With enough commitment to the process, the gains should outweigh the coaching fees.

You asked us, what should I expect from a business coach. We are hopeful, we’ve answered your question fully and completely. For more info, check out our site.

Written by Copywriters International for the Australian Coaching Awards Association. Check out our other blogs here.